Ride Report posted for Doug Askren
On Sunday night the WWR did a drive by and meet and greet for Cpl. Austin Smith USMC.  We gathered at the local Home Depot and then took our noisy motorcade over to the family home.  We greeted and thanked the young Marine for his service and presented him with our challenge coin and beads.  Operation Welcome You Home also made a presentation as well as the American Legion.  The Marine was totally surprised and of course wondered why all the fuss.  This mud Marine felt he was just doing his Job.  He is truly and American Hero
We had a good sized group of WWR members show up in freezing weather as well as the Naperville Fire Dept. and LEO support.  The mother of the Marine, Cody Smith was moved to tears and the entire reaction made the welcome home worthwhile.  Thanks to the Naperville FD and PD for their support.  Thanks to Donna from Welcome You Home and to all our faithful members.  Especially thanks to the family and girlfriend of Cpl. Austin Smith for including the WWR.  Most of all thanks to this young Marine, veteran of Iraq and Afghanistan wars for his service and sacrifice for our country and his fellow Marines. Merry Christmas to you all.
Doug Askren
Northern Il. WWR