Ride Report posted for Liver

Aimee Warner, wife of LCDR Jason Warner, her two Children, family and Pastor have been waiting to welcome home their Hero for some time.

Keeping the welcome they had in mind a secret was a challenge – but successful in the end.


LCDR Warner began his service in 1998, is a graduate of OCS, Navy War College, served in various posts around the world and while in the service has also been married and had two children.

7 months ago LCDR left for Iraq and we were on hand this morning to welcome him home and thank him and his family for their service.


When we met at the Rally Point it was 29F and the unplowed parking lot was a skating rink – but it didn’t stop people from coming.

We left the parking lot at 0950 with Police escort, about 15 cars and more than 25 people (with two bikes left behind).


As we crunched into the Warner’s neighborhood we circled around the Cul de Sac and formed a flag line in front of their house.


We went into the house to be greeted by Mrs. Warner, her Mother and LCDR Warner.

Mrs. Warner’s first remark was that “she was not a good listener” as LCDR did not want a lot of attention at his homecoming.

Good thing the 30 people outside with flags, horns and police cars were largely inconspicuous and blended into the background.


With bagpipes playing LCDR Warner came out of the house, was coined, and started shaking hands down the line.

Family and neighbors alike came out to wish him well and welcome him home, to thank him for his service and the support of his family.


The Warner family then got into their van, took up a position in the middle of the line and a Supervisor from Upper Gwynedd joined the procession to assist in traffic control as we left the development.


The procession from the house was flawless thanks to the Upper Gwynedd Police.

Making our way from Upper Gwynedd we were greeted by Montgomery County Police who blocked RT309 so the procession could complete the mission and get the Warners to Church on time.


When we arrived we met up with A Hero’s Welcome and formed a flag line which covered the entire front of the church just as the first service was ending and people were filtering in.

LCDR Warner, his wife Aimee and their two Children passed down the line, were presented with a certificate and entered church, mission accomplished.


After the mission Mrs. Warner’s family let us know that they had taken some video which they were taking back to their home Church to use in a discussion about the meaning of Christmas, to express their thanks to us for our efforts. As one WWR member said during the event “today just showed how it’s not just about the bikes”. He was right – it’s about letting the families and their loved ones, service member or supporter, know that their efforts are not only appreciated but that there are people who are there to support them, to help and recognize their effort and sacrifice.


As Aimee’s father and Mother followed their children and grand children into the Church they again thanked the WWR and A Heros Welcome – 11 years, one marriage, two children and 7 months in Iraq we let them know it’s certainly our pleasure and honor to be there – thanks to them.


Today would not have been such a success without the support of Fatboy, Bobcat, Upper Gwynedd and Montgomery Police Departments, A Hero’s Welcome, the Church, all of the WWR who were on site and the Warner Family.


Welcome Home and thank you for your service.