Ride Report posted for Spike

It was a nice day and we staged with 8 bikes at our local gas station.  We headed up to Keith’s house where he was totally surprised to see us.  Keith is not unfamiliar with us as we brought him home over a year-and-a-half ago after his first deployment.  Keith is attached to the 1st Batallion, 3rd Marines Infantry/Sniper Platoon.  As he got ready, we had a cup of coffee and socialized with his family before heading out to San Francisco Airport (SFO).  Our mission was to roll into the airport as they rolled past us to park, we would give our final waive to Keith (they had 2 hours to wait before his flight left).  The road Gods were with us as this is normally a 1 1/2 hour drive on a weekday – especially having to cross the bay bridge.  It took us only 45 minutes to get to SFO.  As we rolled into the main entrance to the parking terminal, we pulled to the right one lane while Kieth & his family did a slow roll by.  Keith was hanging out the passenger window, giving us thumbs up and a waive.  As normal, I was the last bike he saw and as he waived to me & yelled “Oohrah” I pointed at him, gave him thumbs up.  He yelled “Go Navy Baby” at me as he smiled back with the biggest grin.  I yelled out to him “see you later little brother”.  Semper Fi!