Someone had an IN with the Weather Man for South Jersey on 10/26 because 12 hours prior to our rally time, IT looked like a tropical storm was hovering over us, But this morning was beautiful.

As I rounded the building of our Rally point I was surprised to see approximately 17 bikes in the parking lot with flags flying, This was a short notice call to duty for the Warriors Watch Riders.

A Welcome Home Surprise for NJ hero USMC Lcpl Thomas Sherman.

Although Lcpl Sherman was already home from Afghanistan, His parents wanted to give him that hero/RockStar welcome that he deserved. So through our dear friends at the Yellow Ribbon Club we made short notice arrangements to meet the family at a local restaurant after they had lunch. The original plan was to have dad give us a shout on the cell phone just before they left the building,.. we would do a flag line and presentation then Escort them back to their Home where The Yellow Ribbon Club was waiting with their Volunteers. Well I believe the saying “The best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry..” is what should be quoted here. AS we were still shaking hands and greeting our friends from the Legion Riders we received a phone call that “they” were on their way. After a compressed and ultra hyper Ride Brief, we quickly lined up our Bikes, retrieved our 3×5 flags and formed a presentation line awaiting their arrival to the parking lot at our rally point. OVERCOME and ADAPT is now a motto added to our list.

When the parents car drove up you could see the EAR to EAR smile on Lcpl Thomas Sherman face, I believe it was then that he realized HE WAS THE MAIN ATTRACTION and the reason we all where there. We took a few moments to shake our Heroes hand and thank him for His Service and dedication to our Country. Then we had a photo opportunity with the family and all the Riders. We then saddled up and took to the road. With Horns blasting and those pipes of thunder, Heads turned and all those we passed knew this was a Local hero in this PARADE of motorcycles. From The main road we past a local High School which had a football game playing. I could see everyone turning and looking, It was fantastic.

We picked up our Local Police Escort that added to the Parade effect with Sirens and Lights and turned onto our Heroes street where the Yellow Ribbon Club, Neighbors and Fire Departments were waiting.
What a sight and what a welcome Home. Thank You again Lcpl Thomas Sherman.

I can not say this enough, BUT I am honored to be part of this Family and surrounded with those who make up the WWR and the Friends and clubs they associate with. The WWR is indeed focused completely on the REAL Heroes and Warriors of our Country.

God Bless.