Ride Report posted for RC’s Eileen Kaefer & Dan Greenwood

On a rainy Friday afternoon we welcomed home 2 heroes. Capt Darren Geen and Capt. Jaime Wehman who are returning home from a 12 month tour in Iraq. Both are recipients of the Bronze Star Medal. We met them with a flag line at the Home Depot parking lot on 75th and RT 59 in Naperville.

They arrived in style in a limo provided by Peter of American Limo Naperville. Thanks Peter for giving them a luxury ride home after a long tour of duty. They had smiles on their faces as they received hugs and kisses from all our well wishers. They were presented with challenge coins from the WWR, framed announcements of their Bios that were given to them by Donna Morrsovillo of Welcome You Home and a Army bracelet was given to Jaime and her Mom by Bob Bohr of the Naperville American Legion.

Due to earlier rain we only had 2 bikes along with 30 cages. We were lead by Officer Derek Zook of the Naperville Police and the Naperville Fire Dept. pulled up the rear. Thanks to all of them for helping us make it through all the lights on RT 59.

As we pulled down Jaime’s block the neighbors started to come out with all the noise and lights going off. The smiles on everyone’s faces make your heart melt. These 2 captains protected our freedom while over in Iraq and it was an honor to give them a grand escort home. Jaime got to see her little girl after 12 months. A mom sacrificing herself for her daughter’s freedom. It was a sweet reunion.

After more hugs and laughs we took a group picture and went on our way to let them enjoy their first day HOME…

Thanks to everyone for coming out to Welcome them home and supporting our Heroes.

Written by RC’s Eileen Kaefer & Dan Greenwood