Ride Report posted for Spike
We brought Lcpl. Motl and his family home the day before.The plan was for the family to take him to dinner at the local golf course.We staged at the gas station down the street. Iarranged for 1 FD to meet us at the golf club and 1 to meet at the house.I asked our local PD for a cruiser to escort us to the house.Well, we had a final count of 21 bikes, 1
POW/MIA corvette,The Mayor in his Caddy,7 Police Cruisers,and 2 FD engines.We had 1 PD go to the golf club with us,the rest staged along the route.We got up to the clubhouse and parked,taking up the entire front entrance.
Myself with the PD officer went inside the Clubhouse restuarant,I asked if there was a Lcpl. Motl here.Chris stood up and ackowledge himself.I said with a very loud voice” Thats him Officer” The Officer went over and said “Welcome Home Marine”.Now,mind you,the place was packed with Golfers,they had no clue what was happening.I then said.we just apprehended a Marine that just came home from Iraq. The place exploded with cheers and congrats.Well,after all that we got him outside where 40+ Riders and folks greeted him.After about 20 mins. we headed to his house.Every intersection was blocked by Antioch PD.Engine #82 lead the way with our PD Escort.4 bikes covered a couple intersections, helping PD.As we came onto the street we could see the lights of the 2nd Engine #83.The Mayor,Boy scouts,School District, Antioch Military Families,PMF,SAM,LFB all were present to wish him a welcome home.
Joy(mom) could not believe what was happening.Was a great night.