Ride Report posted for Paulie B

The mission started at 10:45am when the “BOSS” & I picked up Adam’s family at their home in Riverside, NJ.Robin & Robert-parents and Tori & Justin-siblings were very excited and ready to roll to LZ 168 where we picked up 15 of the WWR family. Onward to FB69 where the everyone else was waiting. Robin got out of her car and told me she was blown away to see such a turnout for her son and she was getting even more excited by the minute.

At the FB69 we were joined by 30 more bikes and 2 more cages. Maria from A Heros Welcome along with two members of the Marine Corp League were present as well as Doc Kromer up from DC for a visit. There were many of the SEPA crew and even DREAMRIDER’S sisterS & niece from Kentucky.

We held our briefing and headed over to he airport to pick up Adam. We set up our flag line and waited for Adam to appear. During the wait, Lutz,our Grand Gazeebo, took a walk and came back to let us know there was a new Gold Star family around the corner waiting with their escorts for their son Pfc. Brandon Owens, 22,82nd Airborne, KIA In Afghanistan along with 4 other soldiers. Pfc Owens was going home to Memphis,TN for the final time.

Next thing here comes Adam down the escalator to our flag line and loud cheers, hand shakes and our mug & hug down on the ground floor. The look on our HEROS face while riding the escalator down was priceless(check picture). We headed to baggage claim for Adam’s duffle bag, but before we picked it up each & everyone stopped to express our condolences to Pfc. Owens’ parents and to thank his three escorts.

Next we saddle up for the ride to Adam’s home. As usual Phila PD worked their magic out of the airport and up Rte 95 to the Betsy Ross Bridge. From there we were handed off to Delaware River Port Authority Police then Pennsauken PD. One of the Pennsauken PD LEO’S led us all the way up Rte 130 to Delran and our left turn to Riverside. Great job from LEO our hats are off to these pro’s. As we rolled down Fairview St with horns honking we approached the Delran VFW Post and the side of the street was lined with about 50 people waving flags and cheering for Adam including their leader, Lorraine Hatcher.

As we pulled up to Adam’s house the street was lined with flags & yellow ribbons and friends, neighbors and Jim Ewen and his crew from our good friends the YELLOW RIBBON CLUB. Adam received several awards and citations and some Yellow Ribbon Club “bling”, a cement Marine Corp symbol 2″ in diameter. Next up was Col. Al Bancroft, U.S.M.C.ret. to present Adam with a medal for his service that he wore the rest of the day. Everyone gave Adam a final handshake, pat on the back and thanked him before we rolled out to our second mission in SNJ and the SEPA crew left for their second mission as well.

Our Hero Cpl Adam Oppido comes from a long line of Marines, both of his grandfathers and even one Great-Grandfather all served and all are Marines. Adam knew from an early age that the becoming a Marine was all he ever wanted. Well you did it Adam and we all THANK YOU for your service to our country. WELCOME HOME SOLDIER…WELCOME HOME…