Ride report posted for James T Allen:

Spc. Carl Schmon might have wanted to celebrate his return home in peace
and quiet.  The problem is, his wife had other plans, and the Warriors
Watch Riders don’t do quiet.  We rallied at approximately 1700 hours in
a parking lot a few minutes ride from the Red Lobster, where our hero
and his family were  having dinner.  Following a brief conversation with
our LEO escort to firm up a few items about the route and all, I gave a
quick ride briefing, we saddled up, and proceeded to the restaurant.

We rolled in under the radar, and formed a flag line at the entrance as a
couple of the restaurant staff came out to hold the doors open.  When
our hero appeared in the foyer moments later, and saw us waiting for
him, he did an about face and I heard him call out to his wife, “Did you
set me up? ”

 He was completely taken by surprise. We treated him to the
traditional WWR mug and hug and asked if we might have the honor of
escorting him home.  Spc. Schmon graciously accepted, and so, with our
hero and family safely nested within the pack, and LEO at the lead, we
set off for our destination.

Did I mention we don’t do quiet?

The Yellow Ribbon Club were waiting for us at the Schmon family’s
apartment complex, as was a small, but enthusiastic group of onlookers.
The YRC had done their usual magic, fire engines parked in the circle
where we arrived, and yellow ribbons just about everywhere the eye
looked.    Our hero was presented with a Warriors Watch honor coin, and
also received a coin from the American Legion Riders.  He may have been
expecting a quiet homecoming, but Spc. Schmon was very definitely
smiling when it was all said and done.  He made a point of thanking us
for all we do to support our troops.

Thanks not necessary sir.  Thank you for service to this great country!