Ride report posted for Goldwing30:

Jesse has been waiting over Fifty years for his welcome Home. Jesse served his nation proudly and would tell his wife, Family and Friends stories of the battles he fought and the places he’d been but he never told of  his coming home.

Last week Jesse attended the Welcome home of  neighbor MA2 Steve Emerson and witnessed what he had been missing all these years, He watched the passing of the coin between two Vietnam Vets and heard the words read on the back of the coin “ NEVER AGAIN WILL AN AMERICAN WARRIOR BE SCORNED, OR IGNORED.

Jesse has a Dear friend named Fredi Lisgar and after most of the people had left she noticed a different look in in her friend, in asking what was wrong she found out that when Jesse returned from Korea the only welcome he got was his neighbor asking “Hey, where ya been”.

So Fredi thought it would be nice to buy him a coin, I said we can do better than that We’ll deliver it in person and we worked out a plan. Dinner for Jesse with family and friends then a Welcome Home by Warriors’ Watch.

We rallied  12 Motorcycles and 2 Support Vehicles at the Great American Pub and had a ride briefing and instructions on how IronCross895 (Bruce) was going to enter the Restaurant and bring our hero out to the flag line.