Ride report posted for Matkins145:

On Saturday 9/19/2007 we gathered under bright blue skies in Pottstown, PA to welcome home SSgt. Curtis Ritter a 20 year service veteran currently serving with the PA National Guard Stryker Group which recently returned from Iraq.  Joining the 8 WWR’s were members of A Hero’s Welcome, members of the Pottstown fire department and the Delaware County Sheriffs department.  After visiting with everyone, we mounted up and proceeded to SSgt. Ritter’s home where he had be sequestered by  his family.

 Lead by the Sheriff’s squad car and with horns blowing, we arrived at SSgt. Ritter’s home to provide an escort to a party being hosted nearby by his family and friends.  I went up to the door and get and hero and I don’t think he wanted to come out.  When he came to the door, SSgt. Ritter was thank us for coming and he appreciated us being there.  Boy did he have that wrong.  We greeted, hugged and thank SSgt. Ritter for his service and dedication to serving his fellow man ( SSgt. Ritter is also a volunteer fireman).  We mounted up again and place our hero behind our bikes and in front of the fire truck and proceeded for a short but noisy trip to the party.


When we arrive in the parking lot, we were greeted by a number of family friends and relatives and others from A Hero’s Welcome.  After another round of hugs and thank you’s, I presented our Hero with the Honor Coin and thanked him for his service and dedication.  SSgt. Ritter by then had recovered from the shock of our entrance and proceeded to speed about 45 minutes in the parking lot talking with us about his experiences, family, etc.  We then bid our hero good bye and let him enjoy his family and friends.  


After a job well done, Gpopes (Tim) and his lovely wife, invited us over for pie (Tomato pie, pizza pie, apple pie, berry pie and cherry pie).  Not one WWR refused the invitation.  I also have it on good authority at FeFe ended her “pie” day with a Guinness Meat Pie.  Thanks Tim and Michelle for the refreshments!!

 Anyway, the day and welcome home for SSgt Ritter went well.  Thanks to the pre-planning my Goldwing and Maria, our escorts were ready.  I want to thank the Delaware County Sheriff’s Department and the Pottstown Fire Department for their assistance.  SSgt. Ritter, thank you for your service and a job well done!!