Ride report posted for Cowboy:

Spc 2nd class Jessica Triboletti was expecting to arrive at Philadelphia International Airport and meet her mom Vicky and sister Dallas for some well deserved R&R before heading to Virginia. What she didn’t expect was to be met by close to 40 people including family, Warriors’ Watch Riders and A Hero’s Welcome. After her initial surprise, I introduced myself, welcomed Jessica home, and thanked her for her service. I then introduced her to my WWR brothers, and she walked the double flag line humbly enduring countless repetitions of our “mug and hug”. I then asked Jessica if she would grant us the honor of escorting her on the final leg of her journey home. How could she refuse? We retrieved her bags, and headed out of the terminal to Jessica’s waiting stretch Hummer limo.

 Philadelphia police gave escort for our 20 bikes, 5 cages and 1 very long limousine as we headed out of PHL and up Route 95. Once we got our hero to the bridge, we picked up NJSP escort with one trooper in the lead, and one as tail gunner. Our hero had to be feeling pretty special by now.

We made our way to Dallas’ home in Shamong Township enjoying the beautiful views and weather while we rode. Once we neared our destination, we began to see people lining the roads, waving and cheering with flags in hand or planted in the ground. Something big must be getting ready to happen. Of course, we made plenty of noise to show our appreciation for their efforts! Once we turned down the street, the sky lit up with lights from the local fire and police departments in attendance.

Once we arrived at Dallas’ house, our humble hero emerged from the limo to a roar of applause from those gathered to welcome her. Once the greetings were completed, the Yellow Ribbon Club introduced the individuals and clubs that were in attendance to honor Jessica. Once announced, I proceeded to “coin” Jessica, and again welcome her home and thank her for her service to our grateful nation. She then received some well deserved thanks and recognition from local politicians, the YRC, and the American Legion Riders.

We stayed long enough to thank Jessica one more time, and thank her mom for giving us the honor of being a part of Jessica’s very special homecoming. Thank you Jessica for your continued service, and I hope that we can escort you home once again when you return home for good. Until then, keep the memory of your special day as a reminder that we have your back at home.