Ride report posted for “Spike” Fred

We brought Cpl. McDaniel home a few days ago. We intercepted him and his Uncle off the freeway.  His Aunt Martha planned an official welcome home celebration at his buddies house,so Lcpl. Valenzuela could be there as well.

We arrived atCpl. McDaniels home with 18 bikes. I went to the door which Martha had heard us coming.  Mike had no idea and came outside.  I told him,”I brought some friends with me.”  Can we take you to the Bar-B-Que?  His jaw hit the ground, Martha started crying.

He said sure and we rolled over to his buddy Matt’s home.  As we came around the corner folks were outside waving flags and cheering.  Mike could not believe his eye’s.  He was presented with coins, letters, hugs, and BEER!!

Mike was so happy to see his buddy Matt.  They talked and had a beer together.  Matt’s mom Cecelia had fixed up the yard and got the bar-b-que together.  When she got Matt & Mike together for a group shot with us her eye’s got all watery. Welcome Home Mike, gotcha again.