Ride Report posted for Glen DeVries

The day started out to be rather wet and dreary, but as we all know, Mother Nature can turn it around rather fast.  Well she did.  The sun wasn’t shining, but the rain did stop and the streets dried up.  As you know, the bikes were out in full force.  We had about 15 bikes and 10 cages to welcome home what we thought was going to be 3 soldiers.  Well, needless to say, if we could welcome every soldier home we would.  In the parking lot of the VFW was SPC Nicholas Fentress, making this a celebration to welcome home 4 soldiers. 

It was awesome and the soldiers were grinning from ear to ear.  Thank you to the families of these Great American Heros for inviting us to join the celebration and welcome them home in a fashion that they so much deserve.  Thank you to the Naperville Police and Fire Departments for the escort.  Especially thank you to Nicholas, Carter, David and Kevin for protecting our freedom.
RC: Glen DeVries