Ride Report posted for Paulie B.

What started out as a vacation for the “Boss” and I, became that, and much more!  Spending a week at Sturgis Bike Rally, I noticed an ad in the Black Hills Pioneer State News for the 10th annual Biker Breakfast at Trinity United Methodist Church in Lead, South Dakota for five dollars an “all you can eat” deal. Lead is pronounced or sounds like LEED. 

On Tuesday 8/4, we noticed an older gentleman with a WWII Veteran hat on who was serving us.  So we struck up a conversation and asked about his story. His name is William Glover, age 83, born & raised in Lead, served in United States Navy, 1944-1946, assigned to LSN-249, served in the South Pacific theater. 

Naturally, we had to coin this HERO.  Please see attached picture. While talking to Mr. Glover we asked if he could recommend a local jewelry store where the “BOSS” and I could purchase Black Hills gold wedding bands for ourselves. Mr. Glover reached into his shirt and pulled out a chain around his neck and with tears in his eyes showed us his deceased wife’s wedding ring of Black Hills gold and held it next to the one on his left hand. We admired the rings through our tears and thanked Mr. Glover. Next stop Shedd’s Jewelers on Main St in Deadwood for rings.

On Wed 8/5 we were back for more breakfast and saw Mr. Glover after we sat down. Mr. Glover came over with a bottle of his special Chokecherry syrup for our pancakes and more conversation. Mr. Glover told us he is headed for Washington, DC for an “HONOR FLIGHT” for WWII vets on 8/28. We visited a little longer and headed out for our ride that day.

Today, 8/6 we were back for breakfast again and to show our rings to Mr. Glover and some of the other volunteers that befriended us. So while we were eating we noticed another gentleman working the tables while using a walker. The gentleman stopped at out table next and it became apparent that we were in the presence of yet another WWII HERO. Once again we coined our HERO and as the magic coin hit his palm the tears flowed freely. Kathleen (BOSS) through her tears told him it was fine and that everything would be ok. This HERO is Mr. Jack Morcom, age 87, Army Airforce 1942-1945, stationed in Fresno shipped out to Lahti, Phillipines to work as an administrative clerk. Mr. Morcom told us that he had 4 brothers who all served in WWII and returned home to Lead. Mr. Morcom is going on the HONOR FLIGHT with Mr. Glover on 8/28.  We then had the pleasure of meeting Mrs. Morcom who told us of their experiences as “Bikers” back in their younger years. They have rented their log home to the same doctor from Texas for many years. Mr. Morcom & Mrs. Morcom have been married for 62 years. There is hope for all of us.

Mr. Morcom said that some one asked him if he had lived in Lead his whole life to which he replied’ “Not yet!”. Soon after that we left to hit Main St. in Sturgis. As we walked to the door Kathleen was approached by yet another gentleman who asked who we were and what we do. He told us he had just retired from active service and his son is on his second tour in Iraq. As the “BOSS” explained about the WWR and what we are about he became teary and remarked how wonderful it was and he only asked because he grew up in Lead and knew both of these men his entire life from the church and saw how moved they were by what we did for them. And of course we were out of coins and symbolisms.

While walking through Sturgis we talked about how patriotism was alive and well in Lead, SD. and how good we felt about being able to bring a little of the WWR to Lead. We also made a mental note to be sure to bring a lot more coins & symbolisms with us next year!

Over and out from Deadwood, SD!!!