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Thank you letter
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Author:  Bigbill [ Tue Jan 21, 2020 6:16 pm ]
Post subject:  Thank you letter

Hello Bill and Scouter!

Just wanted to thank you again from the bottom of my heart for Welcoming our Airman, Justin, home this past Saturday.... and in that storm no less.

Being a Military Mom of only 2.5 years, I read many forum's on How to Welcome your Military member home. Suggestions run the gamut from planning every day - to letting your military member simply sleep. I've also read how some good intentions back fire. We just don't know, especially those of us, like me, with no military background. I know the job my Airman has. I know the hours he's worked. I know "some" of the base he was stationed at. And within guidelines, he has shared some "stories" with us. But I also know he's missed 2.5 years of family occasions. 2.5 years of simple hangouts 2.5 years of sleep LOL. With all of this in mind I was able to find a happy medium. We planned two nights. One was a fantastic dinner "experience" (I was competing with his travels through Europe but managed to pull it off) and the other was the "Official" Welcome Home with you and Scouter! When you both walked in and made your announcement Justin looked at me,, smiled and said "this is embarrassing" (He's 22 I didn't expect much less LOL) BUT when you called him up - his face lit up. Our small family watched him hanging on your every word with pride and appreciation. When you called us all up for a photo op, my son held on to me tight. His way of saying Thanks Mom! After you left, he took his seat across from me and said "THAT was cool!" and simply nodded his head in total appreciation..... and then... the waitress came to our table and mentioned that a patron bought our table drinks. Justin immediately asked who as he wanted to thank them. The waitress pointed to the table behind us; two generations of Airman (retired)!! Justin walked over, shook their hands and chatted a bit. During their conversation, a business card was handed to him. The "younger retired Airman" (sadly I did not hear his AF rank) offered Justin a job should he not re-enlist when his term is up. Justin thanked this man again and said "it will be 4 more years"... The gentleman said "no worries, I'll be here".... Side note.. that Retired Airman, offering Justin a job, is a US Marshal with Homeland Security! What a night!
Lastly I wanted to say a special Thank you to Scouter for reaching out to my other son, the firefighter. As life would have it, he happened to have had a very rough/busy afternoon due to the weather. Scouter's gesture was very much appreciated!!

Attached are two photos. THANK YOU for all that you do!!! God Bless and God Speed!

Jeanne Harkins
Proud Air Force Mom!

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