Ride Report posted by Lutz

Saturday was a great day to be spreading the word about the Warriros’ Watch Riders and the service that we provide to military member, first responders, and their families.

We’d been invited to put out a booth at the Plymouth Meeting, Pa. Community day event. We dressed it up with our banner, camo nets, 3 motorcycles on each side of the table, and two big American Flags on the ends of the tables, and we were looking sharp. I had the DJ announce our presence and our purpose, and that drew some takers.

Then I had us rev up the 6 bikes all at once, and that really woke the crowd up, drawing many to our table. We got signups and lots of folks with military family members overseas now, and they were our biggest prize.

The PD gave a very cool demonstration of police dog training and tactics, shown here, which just added to the fun of the day. Weather was perfect, people were good, mission was accomplished.

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