Ride Report posted for Falcon

PFC Ryan Rumler U.S. Army. Returning on leave after a one year deployment  in Afghanistan, to his home town in Marseilles.

Another  short notice mission successfully executed by the WWRs. Just doing what we love to do.  This mission started with a request from MOMS, Debbie Trippiedi. Ryans mother Nancy is a MOMS volunteer. Way to go Nancy!

After landing at Midway and being met by family, friends, and the USO, we met up with PFC Rumler at the Midway cellphone lot. Ryan’s humble demeanor is typical  of our American Hero’s, they give so much and expect so little. They deserve so much more than we can give.

After a round of thanks and hugs it was off to Marseilles. This was  a 70 mile ride made to seem short, by all the well wishers on the way.

Even though we were a small group 3 bikes and 3 cages, WE were waved at, honked at, and given the thumbs up sign, all the way there.

Ryan I was honored to be part of your escort.
“Falcon” Russ