Ride Report posted for “Falcon” Russ Miller

I’d like to thank SSGT Cavallero’s  family for inviting us to to escort John. Because of  schedule  changes, this escort was done on very short notice. That just meant we had to hustle a little. I got word of this escort around 12:30 pm, the flight was due in at 6:00pm.

No problem, because I had help on two ends of the mission. On the Midway air port end a Leatherneck that goes by the name of Gomie handle the family contact issues, as he was a friend of theirs. Gomie and Me were the only two bikes that could make it, but we had Jeef and Susana in a cage with lights. WE had a good ride ahead of us to Joliet .
While we made our ride of 35 miles to the American Legion post in Joliet, another member “HogTony” was doing his magic gathering support. Tony even enlisted a dance class nearby as flag support. WE had a nice sized group waiting for our Hero. This turned out as another successful mission with all the right ingredients. A American Warrior Hero, A great family, and alot of love and support from old friends and and new ones.

Hey, SSGT John Cavallero, From WWR, We love you man.