Ride Report posted for Tugboatine

On Sunday, 7/19, The WWR riders met across the street from the funeral home at 1300 hrs. We had 18 members stand a flag line while family and friends paid their respects to our hero, Buster Hayes.

On Monday, 7/20, we once again stood a flag line for the morning viewing. At 1100 we took a short break while a service was held for Buster. After the service we escorted Buster to his final resting, Colestown Cemetery in Cherry Hill, a few miles away. 14 bikes, a few of our cages, and many, many cages filled with the friends and family of Buster made the slow ride there. Once at the cemetary we stood one final flag line for Buster until the final services were done. I want to thank all that came out to honor our hero and for all the help you all gave me during this honor mission.

Rest in Peace Buster Hayes….your watch is done.