Ride Report posted for Spike

First of all,Thank you Diamond family for inviting us to attend this most Honorable event.As Seans Road captain when he was returned to us in febuary,it was a Honor and privledge ro stand and Honor him again,”He will not be Forgotten’As I  know the Riders and Friends feel the same way as I.To ALL my brothers & Sisters who came tonite ,to share this moment”BRAVO ZULU” A very impressive showing Again,with 15 Bikes, UNITY showed tonite for ALL our Service Members.We come together as 1, For the Mission.

And this my friends is what it is all about,I’m proud to ride and stand with you.A perfect Flag Line,a perfect night.You all should be very proud of yourselves,I am.

For those who recieved this and where not there,just wanted to share with you,the brotherhood and Sisterhood of Patriotism at its finest. Thank You !!

Fred ” Spike ” Schau