Ride Report posted for Oopsie

The Warriors’ Watch Riders received a request by the mother of, LCpl Christopher Woods, for a Welcome Home at their home. We sent LCpl Woods  off to Iraq last November and said we would be there when he came back home.

Christopher’s mission was on a July (?) due to the fact the family did not know the exact date when he would actually arrive at O’Hare. Well on July 4th Christopher called his parents and told them he was on his way home with flight number etc. We therefore could not get the riders together with such short notice so he came home to no escort. But that did not stop us from honoring our promise to him when he left. A date was arranged by Christopher’s mother, Connie, to arrive at their home for the Surprise Drive-by.

It was a beautiful warm sunny day. We gathered at the local High School near Christopher’s home. We had approximately 22 Warriors’ Watch Riders ready to give Christopher the Welcome Home he so deserved. There were  2 Leo Escorts, 1 Fire Truck, 1 Ambulance and approximately 12 Warriors’ Watch Riders on Bikes and 10 in vehicles. Everyone knew a request of “Noise” was the order of the day and so it was.

With sirens howling, horns blowing and the bikes growling we arrived at Christopher’s home. Neighbors from blocks away turned out to see what was going on. When they learned what this was all about they stayed on to “Cheer” Christopher as well.

Christopher was as shocked as when we sent him off. As with all our men and women who serve, they are so humble as if they are not deserving of such an event. We all let him know differently and soon he was smiling and exchanging handshakes, hugs and engaged in conversations.

Ride Captain Oopsie presented LCpl Woods with a set of Honor Beads, Challenge Coin and booklet that contained all the well wishes of those posted to the WWR thread, for him. We could all see the tears beginning to form in his eyes so it was time for the group voice our “Welcome Home and Thank You” cheer with applause.

At this time we learned of another Warrior, Brian, of the Crystal Lake Fire Department who had just returned home. Who knew this was going to be a double mission and those are the one that fill the heart because this Warrior was not going to be forgotten either.

So once again the Warrior’s Watch Riders gave our “Cheers, Thank You’s and Welcome Home Fire Fighter Brian.”  Ride Captain Oopsie then proceeded to present Brian with a set of Honor Beads and Challenge Coin. You could see the hesitance by Brian because he did not want to take away from Christopher’s day. He tried to shy away, but that was not going to happen. More Hugs, Handshakes, Cheers, Thank You’s for another Warrior. You could see in his eyes he was taken a back by our acknowledgment of his service and felt honored. What Brian and Christopher (as well as every member of our Armed Forces) do not know is how honored we are to have the privilege of thanking them in person for all they do for us. It was a double celebration and the 2 Warrior’s soon would be talking to one another as the “Brothers” they are.

I’d like to thank everyone that turned out for this mission, to the Crystal Lake Police and Fire Departments that made the “noise” requested by Mrs. Woods. You guys are the “greatest!”
Oopsie RC

P.S. By the way CL FD, that was a good cover putting out the house fire down the road earlier this day. It worked! (Another added extra for a later date, but it sure did throw Christopher off from the Welcome Home.)