Ride Report posted for Wendy

On July 17, 2009 visitation was held at the St Pats Catholic Church, in Mauston, WI., for PN3 Officer Robert Montminy Sr. Eight WWR members we in attendance standing a flag line from 6:30 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. Many relatives attended coming from as far away as NH, MA, MN, and RI.

At the end of the services, I presented the WWR Challenge Coin and Honor Beads to PN3 Officer Robert Montminy Sr’s, son Robert Montminy Jr.

Family came out many times to thank us stating what a wonderful sight it was, and how Robert Montminy Sr. would have loved this honor. The family is very interested in the WWR and they were impressed that ordinary people would do such a thing like this honoring our military men and women.

The following day, July 18th the funeral services were held at the Mauston High School. At the funeral service WWR Members once again stood a flag line for Officer Robert Montminy Sr.

After the services we escorted Officer Robert Montminy Sr to his resting place at the Mauston City Cemetery.

I want to thank everyone of the WWR who attend the services, the Mauston City police in there assistance of escort, and to the Montminy family for inviting the WWR to stand in honor of there beloved father Robert Montminy Sr.

Rest in Peace Officer Montnimy.
Wendy Kocik