Warriors Watch received a Mug & Hug request for First Sergeant Warren Brown. Sgt. Brown was attending a house warming party at his daughter, Lauren’s house. Sgt. Brown served with pride in the USMC for over 25 years. He served in 2 wars, Korea & Vietnam, was a drill instructor at the Marine Corp base, Parris Island S.C.
To say that Sgt. Brown was surprised is an understatement. Surrounded by his family and friends, we honored Sgt. Brown with a Warriors Watch Honor Coin. A Heroes Welcome presented him with a certificate forever recognizing his contribution and service to our country, and cementing his status as a TRUE AMERICAN HERO. We also presented a piece of the American Flag, Warrior’s Beads, and a set of beads to remember his service in both the Korean and Vietnam Wars. Through all of the tributes the pride in the eyes of the family was highlighted by tears of happiness to know that Warren had finally received the Welcome Home he so richly deserved. We gathered around Warren and his family for a few pictures and started to take our leave. Sgt Brown, holding back his emotions as best as a marine can, stood in the drive way saluting and waving a fond farewell to his new brothers and sisters in the Warriors’ Watch.
Thank You First Sergeant Brown, for defending our Freedom & serving our country through some extremely difficult times. It was an honor for each of us to shake your hand and personally thank you for all that you have done. We will be forever in your debt. Semper Fi, HOORAH!
Submitted faithfully and with the upmost respect and honor.
Rooney 2N.