On March 10th 2014, a small group of riders, the two, three and four wheel kind, set out to make a huge impact on wary Korean Era Navy mans night. Mr. Raymond Bertron achieved the rank of Aviation Machinists Mate 2nd Class while performing duties at NAS Atlantic City and Philadelphia Naval Ship Yard. In 5 years of service he was awarded the National Defense Service Medal and Good Conduct Medal. It was our turn to issue Mr. Bertron one more, The Warriors Watch Coin. As ride captain, neighbor and friend it was an honor to present Mr. Ray his coin along with my co captain, my son. Along with Mr. Ray’s Daughters, 20 riders, some neighbors and friends, Mr. Ray sat in amazement, with a prideful tear in each eye, on the front porch as one by one everyone stepped up to shake his hand, thank him and welcome him home. The Upper Moreland Police Department was on hand and stayed to shake his hand as well.



A Hero’s welcome presented Mr. Ray with a certificate of appreciation and a star for his time in service to this great nation. We had the opportunity to wish him a very happy and slightly belated 82nd birthday. It is because of men like Raymond Bertron that this is the greatest country on Earth. Thank you again Mr. Ray for your service and friendship.

Bertron M&H 2


Respectfully submitted by Underbird