A handful of brave motorcyclists and a couple dozen supporters in cages gathered at the Farm & Fleet in Rockton, IL, just south of the Wisconsin border to welcome home an American hero.


SGT Stacey Bialek is a medic whose been deployed to the Middle East three times.  She met and married her husband, James, who is also a medic and they now live in Kentucky, where both are stationed.  Stacey plans on staying in the Reserves and earning a nursing degree

SGT Bialek surprised us when she drove herself and her mom up to our staging area. South Beloit Police and Fire along with Rockton Police and Fire waited with us, along with Fire and Iron MC and Public Guardian LE MC.

47a4dd02b3127cce98549017fb5f00000038100AbNGzZm3ZsWvg[1] After receiving our hero with a flag line, we mounted up and escorted her through her home town of South  Beloit, IL and finally, to her mom’s house where a welcome home celebration was brewing

 We did our Warriors’ Watch presentations, complete with thread, beads, coin and lots of cheering.  After that,  it was off to our next welcome home in Sycamore, IL, about an hour away.



Respectfully submitted,

John “Amps” Azoo, RC