On January 6th 2014, Warriors’ Watch Riders would complete their first welcome home of the year, with help from sister organization A Hero’s Welcome.

Even though temperatures were at an all-time low, that would not stop the  warm hearts of Airman 1st Class Michael Koder’s family; knowing that he would return  home safely. Koder has served a year and a half in the United States Air Force. He was  returning from his first, 6 month, deployment in Afghanistan where he was working  security forces in the Kandahar Air Force Base. He earned several medals during his  time of service but, has yet to officially receive them. During the ride brief his

 family  expressed that they could  not be more proud of him.

Coming from a military family, Koder’s commitment to his country and family are  prevalent. His triplet brothers are also enlisted in the Air Force. Koder even  mentioned how he was able to see them even though they are all stationed at different bases, which are located in Germany and Montana

After the surprise at the airport where onlookers, including channel 6 and 29, there was an unofficial escort back to his Great Grandmother’s house where she made sure to have “his favorite chicken soup already on the stove.”  Koder was not only greeted by a local fire company but, also family and friends who were eagerly waiting for his safe return.