Thanks to everyone who came out to spend time with our local heroes during Sims January visit. Many hugs, handshakes, and stories were exchanged. Carol entertained everyone with her piano playing talents in the activity room as members wandered through the many halls and rooms.

Richie, our resident WWR member is in poor health and struggles for each breath; please include Richie in your prayers. Thanks again to all those that gave up part of your day to spend time with our friends at Sims.

The turnout was amazing and much appreciated by the residents, staff and fellow members.


WWR is an amazing organization created to recognize the sacrifices of others, up to, and including death. When you have an opportunity to attend a mission, but it just doesn’t seem convenient; ask yourself just how much would you be sacrificing if you were to support. I think you will be surprised at your answer, if you have answered honestly. What WWR strives to accomplish, does matter. Continue to help make a difference and support missions when you can. No one will ever have to do a lot if everyone does a little.