Ride Report for Ride Captain Fuzzy
On a  sunny Friday afternoon 25 or so riders from WWR, ALR, and assorted Independents gathered together to Welcome Home MSG Jeff Birkland. He had just returned home from yet another tour of duty in Afghanistan and his wife, Amber wanted to make sure he knew how happy she was to have him home.
We saddled up and rode a short distance to a local diner to surprise Jeff as he came out. As it turns out he knew something was up because it is very difficult to sneak into a diner parking lot with 25 roaring motorcycles!
After our customary shouts of Welcome Home! and Thank You! we requested and received permission to escort the Birkland family back to their brand new home in Marlton Lakes. How could he say no to that!
With the assistance of the always awesome Evesham P.D. we arrived at our destination to find the whole neighborhood rallied around the house gathered there by Operation Yellow Ribbon. And as per usual they had pulled out all the stops, Fire trucks, a huge beautiful American flag draped from the ladder truck, proclamations, Council Members, local dignitaries who wished to thank our Hero, you name it, they did it!
We mugged, we hugged, we coined and then slowly started to drift off leaving our Hero in a circle of new neighbors and future friends, with an invitation to come back anytime to visit or maybe do a little fishing off of his back yard dock. Just might take you up on that Jeff and Amber!
Thank You for Your Service MSG Birkland. Welcome to the neighborhood!