Ride Report for Ride Captain SeaBee Will
This was our Second of Three Fallen Veteran Missions of the Day.We had the
Honor oof meeting our Fallen Veteran’s Family and Escorting them to SCVNC.
This mission ran 1 hour behind Mission #1 , So the Escort that went up 1 hour
earlier ,stayed to support this escort. Sgt. Millhouse served from 1971 – 1977,
he served in Korea and several other Area’s.He was awarded National Defense
Medal , Armed Forces Expeditionary Medal. So , We met up with the Family
at the Mortuary and then Escorted our Family and our Veteran to SCVNC in
Dixon.During the Military Honors we stood the Line,Once that was completed
we noticed there was no Chaplain , so we gathered up the family and made a
circle around our Fallen and we all held hands and said a prayer. Our mission
was complete at this time. So , we staged up and headed back for Mission #3.
Road Captain : SeaBee Will