Ride Report for Ride Captain Redbeard



Although the WWR were few in Numbers, We stood on both sides of the entrance way to the VA Clinic where a Veterans Enrollment campaign was being held in Northfield NJ Near to Atlantic City.

The Enrollment VA group came from Wilmington Delaware to put this event on at the VA Clinic, and what a great bunch of people. EVERYONE had a smile on their face and made sure that they THANKED every person for their service. I was amazed as I watched Employees of the VA reaching out and Thanking our Heroes. The WWR stood at the outside at the entrance way and did the same thing.

The surrounding area of Atlantic city is rich with Heroes I found out that day. The hats that were worn told me all I Needed to know…. WWII, KOREAN, Vietnam, Desert Storm… I have to say we were in our glory with a Cheshire Cat Like grin being able to Thank those Heroes one after another. We did have a lot of Active Duty Air Force personnel who were there also. We even had time to do a little WWR recruiting so our list of WWR Riders / Membership increased a little more from that event. And Like we all experience when doing events like this, ONE Thing always stands out and this event was no different.

This happened towards the end of the mission, As we stood outside holding our Flags a vehicle backed into the Space right next to the entrance way. We immediately noticed the Stickers that covered the back window and bumper. This was a wounded warrior and Hero ….. and then we read the license plate and also noticed a Memorial on the Back window… This was one of our beloved GOLD STAR FAMILIES. …  The initial reaction to seeing the GOLD STAR Family license plate and then the Memorial to their Son put the largest lump in my throat.  A Man exited the vehicle wearing a leather type Vest filled with Pins and patches, He had his paperwork for the VA Clinic in one hand and his other was a Cain that assisted him with his walking. He smiled as he came towards us and we made sure he was greeted properly and with words of gratitude for his service and then also in condolences of his lose for his son. Personally as I was trying to thank him for the service and sacrifice of his son I feared my voice would give out and it did… I just shook my head slowly looking at him and he smiled behind his own filled eyes and softly said “Thank you” ….  He slipped into the Clinic and I stood there trying to getting my act together. A Coin Needed to be passed to this Hero for so many reasons but there was no way I could do it. All I can say is THANK YOU NICK for stepping up and coining this Hero and Gold Star Father for the WWR. The Brotherhood of WWR again shows that its not just our Heroes who’s back we have.

What a Beautiful day it was to Greet so many Heroes and what a beautiful experience to have been able to Thank those who have sacrificed more than I can ever imagine.  God Bless our Troops and Gold Star Families.