Ride Report for Ride Captain R. Resh seebee4

It was Sat Nov 17th, a perfect afternoon.

WWR had received a request to accompany the Twilight Wish Foundation, who provided a new flag pole complete with American and POW flags and a sleeved foundation, through donations, in erecting the pole and possibly honoring Gus for his service. Right up our alley! His pole had blown over in a storm over the summer. He was so proud to fly those flags.

What a GREAT day!!! About 50 bikes met at the Pegasus Restaurant in Mallaga, NJ. including Janet Stumpf who was fundamental in acquiring the new pole for Gus,

Gus is a 92 year old Army Air Corp WWII Vet, who was a POW in Germany for one year after being shot down behind enemy lines as a tail gunner in a B-17. He is wheelchair bound and connected to an oxygen tank. He was accompanied by his wife of over 60 years Helen; daughters Joyce and Karen and 2 grand children. Gus was helped outside when they heard us pull up. He was in total Aw. Shortly, he was presented with awards and certificates from the mayor of Vineland, Janet Stumpf, Howard K and Dutch2 as well as a WWR coin. We then erected the flag pole with a little assistance from WD40, because it fit so tight.

Then with a little help, Gus was able to stand on his own and raise the flags while the troops saluted. He was so proud! After he sat down, with the oxygen tube dangling, the troops saluted Gus as he returned the gesture. You could have heard a pin drop. What a proud moment! While all this was going on, the Wish foundation had a professional photographer, Steve, capturing every moment. After that was our customary mug and hug.

RC R. Resh seabee4