Posted by Lutz

The Teach the Children post below this one was held on Friday, November 9. This one was held on Monday the 12th, by the Middle School in Glen Mills, in Delaware County, Pa. This was another wonderful example of the way a school staff teaches their children the value of our military.

Once again the Warriors Watch rode their motorcycles into the property, passing between two very large rows of students lining the driveway with flags and cheering and applause!

After our arrival, where a crowd of invited veteran guests were waiting outside at the flag pole, we all went inside to the auditorium for the event put in place by the school. There were songs and speeches in honor of our troops, and I presented a speech in honor of the veterans present.

There were 14 invited veterans present, accompanied by their relative students, who presented them one by one. At the reading of the bio of each, a member of the WWR then presented that vet with a WWR coin.

This was yet another example of the schools in PA system that are doing the right thing by their students, in value of our military.

Thank you, students!