After Action Report posted by Lutz

(Photos by FeFe)


This was the fourth year that the WWR was invited to take part in the celebration of the Berklay Elementary School for Veterans Day.  As usual we used our motorcycles to ride into the school yard and draw excitement from the hundreds of students!

Since the beginning in 2008 I have put extreme importance on teaching small children the importance of placing value and honor on our military men and woman. This event started with an introduction of the veterans invited to the school outside in the yard, followed by all going inside for a presentation in the auditorium. The WWR members formed a flag line inside along the back of the stage with the veterans sitting in chairs on the stage.

I gave a speech directed at the children, and they performed a wonderful America song that touched the heart.

When the presentation ended we were taken to classrooms in twos and threes to talk to the children and answer their questions about being a veteran and about the places we had served.

The way in which the teachers and staff of Berklay School is an amazing demonstration of the value they place on showing their students the patriotism of our veterans and the importance of simply thanking them when they meet a soldier, sailor, coast guard, airman or marine.

Thank you, Berkley Elementary School!