Ride Report for Ride Captain Shane (Big Show)
WWR was asked to Welcome Home US ARMY Spc. Aaron Nelson, 24. While in Afghanistan, supporting Operation Enduring Freedom, Spc Nelson was injured on September 11, 2011 when an IED exploded, leaving him with 3 broken vertebrae. This was to be the first time home in two years. As we dicussed Aaron’s welcome home, his wife Kristy wanted it to be a total surprize.
      At the Rally Point which was set behind the Bethlehem Vo-Tech, Aaron could not see a thing until he rounded the corner behind the school. It should be said Kristy Nelson preloaded messages into her phone imforming us of their location. Waiting were 40 bikes, 2 cages, 6 Police Motormen, 4 Squad Cars, and 7 Fire Trucks. LEO support was outstanding especially since Hurricane Sandy had left a mess in it’s wake less than one week before.
      On his arrival Kristy Nelson drove between the double flagline, stopping and allowing Spc. Nelson to exit the car and greet each of us. During our escort Police had all intersections blocked. As the escort rounded a curve in the road, in the distance you could see TWO LADDER TRUCKS with a large US flag hanging between them. I was told later by Kristy Nelson, this had brought her husband to tears.
     Yet again LEO support came to the rescue, getting us all through a construction zone and long lines of cars waiting for gas, without any delays or safety concerns.
     Once we had reached our destination at the Dewey Fire Co. where a reception was being held. WWR and A Hero’s Welcome held a ceremony, where Spc. Nelson was again greeted by our RC Shane (Big Show) and presented with the WWR Honor Coin, a Certificate from A Hero’s Welcome, and a Certificate from US Congress along with a Flag that had been flown over the US CAPITOL.
Respectfully submitted for:
RC Shane (Big Show)