Ride Report for Ride Captain Sarge
     Today 9/13/2112, the NWFWWR had the privilege and honor to unite several organizations of motorcycle riders under one community banner “RESPECT”. Our great community came together as one to escort our Wounded Warrior guest from the Grand of Panama, located in Panama City Beach, to the Marina Civic Center, located in downtown Panama City. Our motorcade was led by several state an local law enforcement agencies. The convoy consisting of law enforcement and local riders, totaled approximately 140 motorcycles, multiple patrol vehicles, and six helicopters that shadowed the convoy the entire route. As we traveled the escort route, the motorcade was greeted by the great people of the Panama City area who lined the streets, waved their flags, and demonstrated their love and support for these American Heroes. Crossing the Hathaway Bridge was an awesome sight to behold. The bridge was lined with over 300 people waving their flags, and demonstrating the community support that Panama City is known for. Thanks so much to the Soldiers Angels and Patriot Guard Riders for providing the flags and direction to make this sight possible. Upon arrival to the marina area, police vehicles and emergency vehicles lined the entrance to the marina, creating a tunnel of flashing lights, as proud officers and first responders stood rigid as the motorcade of heroes passed. At the Marina Civic Center a flag line was formed to honor and welcome our Warrior guest. In addition to the flag line, “Cream of the Crop” Law Enforcement Officers and First Responders were in attendance to render honors to the heroes as they arrived to exit their vehicles. The WWR, along with a grateful community, would like to give special thanks to Sheriff Frank Mckeithen for a job-well-done in coordinating all the logistics involved with the escort including, but not limited to: LEOs, First Responders, and the awesome helicopter escort, which really iced an already perfect cake. Another special thanks goes out to the advance party support who assisted Joe Walsh in ensuring that all flags were prepared for issue, and that directions were readily available to our riders upon arrival to the Civic Center. Last but not least, the Panama City Community and all the riders that took time out of their schedules to support this extremely important event, “HAND SALUTE” to all.
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