Ride Report for Ride Captain Glenn DeVries
It was a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride, much less a beautiful day to Welcome Home a Hero.
The Warriors Watch was invited to Welcome Home Cpl Mark Annarumma and escort him to a party being held in his honor. Mark was returning from a 7 month deployment in Afghanistan where he assisted in processing air support from troops on the ground along with facilitating medical evacuations.
We greeted Mark at the O’Hare Oasis with a flagline, hugs and well wishes.  Mark was also surprised by two of his high school friends that drove from Wisconsin for this happy occassion.  We proceeded to escort Mark to his home where family and friends where waiting to greet him.
As we approached, the sight down the street was red, white and blue waving in the wind and yellow ribbons tied around the trees. The air was filled with excitement and joy for the return of Cpl Mark Annarumma.  A prayer was said, speeches were given and presentations were made.  The banner was signed and pictures were taken and another round of hugs and thank yous were given.  We were then on our way to leave Mark to spend time with family and friends.
Thank you to the police and fire departments that helped with the escort and thank you to Cpl Mark Annarumma for volunteering to protect our freedom.