Ride Report for Ride Captain Doug Askren 
The WWR teamed up with OWYH to welcome home one of Naperville ‘s Home Town Heros Friday evening.  The Col. has served for 29 years in the US Army,he is currently serving in Afghanistan and was home on R&R,  his wife Donna is an Army veteran, having served as a medic.  Col. Perchatsch and Donna have a son currently deployed also.  The Colonel’s father, a Korean war veteran was also honored.  That is what I call a military family.   We met the heros with a flag line and escorted them to the Naperville VFW for a great party.  We were aided by the Naperville PD and Fire dept.  The Marine One limosine was furnished by our member Peter.  At the VFW I presented the Col, his wife and father with beads and challenge coins and thanked them again for their service.  Many other organizations made presentations including our friends at OWYH.  Our Mayor George Pradel USMC was present for the mugs, hugs and party.  The Colnel and his family were very happy with the recognition and show of support.  It was our turn to return the favor to them as they work tirelessly to support the trroops and community with their service on and off deployment.
Thanks to Donna and Jim, founders of OWYH for all the organizational work and participation as well as all the other Veteran.s and service groups.  Thanks to the Mayor, and our first responders for their continued support and help making this an exciting and safe mission.  Most of all thanks to this great family for their service to our great Country and for going above and beyond in their service as a family.  May God bless and keep Col. Greg Perchatsch and his son as they continue the fight.  We pray for their safe return at the end of their tours of duty.
Doug Askren