Ride Captain J Boles (Sparks)
Our fallen Hero’s Daughter Michele contacted us to request an escort for her father’s final honors.
We met Rays wife Francine, Daughter’s Michele and Suzanne and several other family members and friends at the house. We provided a flag line from the house to the car then surrounded and escorted our Hero’s cremains and family. The procession included four family cars with 8 motors (including one side car), 2 Spyders, 1 trike, and 1 cage. We arrived at Oakmont Cemetery in Lafayette, CA. and were greeted with a salute by American Legion and VFW members. We provided a second flag line from the car to the chapel where Ray received a wonderful service and full military honors.
Ray served in the Korean War aboard bombers and after a distinctive enlistment of 11 years he received an honorable discharge as well as several honors including the National Service Medal.
Raymond’s career as a commercial Airline Pilot lasted through many years, many countries and many airlines. He also worked as a commercial pilot instructor both in the US and abroad and was very active in the Veterans of Foreign Wars (VFW) and the American Legion.
Ray lost his battle to cancer on August 5th, 2012.
Rest in peace Brother, Dei Gratia vobiscum donec obviam iterum.
Ride Captain J Boles (Sparks)