Ride Report for Ride Captain Fuzzy
A small, but very noisy, contingent of Warriors Watch Riders met on Saturday evening to Welcome Home PFC Anthony Yannarella. Anthony’s mom Michelle had contacted us, she had heard a little bit about what we do. After explaining to her what a WWR Welcome Home Escort is she could not wait to see the look on her son’s face!! Anthony just got a bike and she was sure he would be thrilled.
We rode the short distance to the family home making as much noise as we could to surprise Anthony and request permission to escort him to his Welcome Home party. He responded exactly as Mom had predicted. Hell yea! He was eager to ride with us, but as he was headed to a party in his honor he was persuaded not to take the bike. But something tells me we will be seeing him again. Riding right along side of us. Before the escort even began he was thinking about his buddies who will be coming home shortly and how cool it would be if he could be there for them like we were for him. Typical American Hero. More concerned for his buddies than for himself.
We saddled up with Anthony and family in the middle of the pack and took off. As we turned the corner there was the Delran P.D. with 3 cars to assist us in crossing the highway safely and without interruption. After we crossed 2 of the patrol cars joined in on the escort, picking up the rear with lights and sirens all the way!
We were soon met by Riverside P.D. who led us into town where the Riverside Fire Dept. had ladder trucks and that big beautiful flag draped across the street. All of their members saluted as Anthony drove by.
We approached the Delran Knights of Columbus Hall where we found the Delran F.D. had also set up shop for Anthony! Yellow Ribbons lined the path and we knew who was there waiting for our Hero. We delivered Anthony into the always loving hands of the Yellow Ribbon Club and they were ready and eager to do their magic.
The Mayor of Delran was there to Welcome Anthony and thank him for his service as well as a representative of the V.F.W. who gave Anthony his membership card, with dues paid for as long as he is on active duty.
WWR coined, YRC awarded him his bling, and we all hugged, mugged and gave our thanks that another Hero was safely home.
As we were leaving Anthony’s mom pulled me aside to express her gratitude to us. She said she cried all the way thru the escort. Mission accomplished! I replied that the gratitude is all ours. For raising such a son, for supporting him while he is away.
Thank you to the Yannarella family for inviting us to be a part of this very special day, but most of all,
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