Report for Ride Captain Glen DeVries
The Warriors Watch was invited to welcome home SPC Donald Sliwa from his tour in Afghanistan. Donald is a Gunner in the US Army has wanted to do this since a Jr in High School.
We gathered at the O’Hare Oasis to show our apperciation and thank our Hero for volunteering to protect our freedom.  Although traffic was heavy on the highway, Donald and his family made it there quickly, for they were escorted by the Chicago Police.  Even though his flight was early, we recruited patrons at the oasis to form and a flagline and give Donald the Welcome Home he deserved.  Our Hero had dinner at the oasis and by the time he was finished, we had more bikes to escort Donald home.
Once off of the highway, Midlothian PD escorted us to Donalds house.  We were greeted by family and friends lining the street.  Our Hero was with the challenge coin, the website thread and the WWR beads.  He signed the banner, pictures were taken and we were on our way.  Leaving Donald time to be with his family and friends.
Thank you to the Midlothian PD and thank you to Donald for volunteering to protect our freedom.