Ride Report for Ride Captain AeroPilot

It was a cool early morning on Saturday June 23rd as the Warriors Watch gathered at the Firebase along with anxious parents, Rick and Colleen.  Soon, they would see their son again after his most recent tour in Afghanistan.  A special treat today would also be that Uncle Steve would join us and ride with the Warriors Watch Riders.  After a 2 1/2 hr ride, Steve made it to the Firebase in time to let his legs stretch during the ride briefing before saddling up again.  That shows just a taste of how thankful and supportive this family is for Cpl Jeremy’s service!

Corporal Jeremy Messner was on his way home after two tours as a LAV Gunner, and has completed 4 years in the United States Marine Corps, and will be home for a few weeks before returning to his assignment.  Little did he know or expect what was in store for him upon his arrival.

A few Warrors Watch riders and A Hero’s Welcome accompanied Rick, Colleen, and Steve up through the terminal to the gate in order to greet Jeremy and his wife as they arrived.  The excitement began to build as the status board indicated that the plane was at the gate, and soon people came thru the doors.  Then, Mom spotted him down the hallway and her face lit up with excitement!  She was quick to give him a long awaited hug after he passed thru the gate and into her loving arms.  Jeremy was surprised by the Hero’s Welcome Banner and our presence!  After a moment, we walked with him down the terminal where he was greeted further by a great turnout of Warriors Watch Riders who were on the steps with the traditional flag line to greet our Hero.  Jeremy was taken back for a moment when he saw them all, and he paused at the top of the steps before getting onto the escalator and greeted by each of them.

Moments later, the group was ordered to start their engines and off we went, leaving the airport and escorting our Hero home with his wife and family to Birdsboro.  An hour and ten minutes later, Birdsboro police and fire departments joined us as we entered town, supporting us with lights and lots of sound!  As we turned onto their street, you could see the support of the family and local neighbors as they lined the street with flags and signs on each side.  Jeremy was greeted by many friends and those that care about him while everyone parked and gathered around.

WWR Presented CPL Messner with an honor coin, thanking him for his service and devotion to his country, community, and family.  Maria from AHW, then presented him with a certificate and star on behalf of a grateful nation.  Jeremy thanked us for the amazing welcome home and stated how much it meant to him.  Everyone gathered around and we were able to squeeze in the camera frame for a traditional welcome home group photo.

Special thanks to those in the WWR that work behind the scenes, AHW for Fire Coordination, and of course, our guardians for the day, the Birdsboro Police and Fire Department.

Respectfully Submitted,


Photos by Sean Carpenter and Rob Schaffer