Ride Report for Ride Captain Ranger Rick

On Saturday afternoon 6/16/12, U.S.M.C. Lcpl Joe Reinke & Lcpl. Colton Wancho landed at O’Hare Int’l airport from their second deployment in Afghanistan. Joe’s mom Melodye & Dad Don followed by Colton’s parents picked them up together. But first Melodye decided to roll into the parking lot to turn around, Right into a WWR flag line. The surprise look on both Marines faces was priceless. Both Marines standing there with a grin from ear to ear,

We all “hugged & mugged” them both before their escort home began.

At 12:45 pm 12 bikes & 5 cages with the help of the Rosemont Police Dept. we rolled into traffic. About a half mile down two tower ladders on each side of Devon Ave hung a 50′ American Flag across the street. With Police & Fire dept. personal standing at attention in a “salute” stance, we rolled into the town of Park Ridge. A Park Ridge motorcycle police officer lead the way with 4 more fire vehicles to follow, Both departments got us to the home of our Hero’s swiftly and safely.

Both Joe & Colton were given a copy of the WWR thread from their mission, a set of beads for both and I coined them as I thanked them for their service defending the safety & freedom of America.

Mission Complete

Ranger Rick.
Northern Il. Warriors’Watch