Ride Report for Ride Captain Glen DeVries

It was a beautiful day for a motorcycle ride and even more so to Welcome Home a hero.
While on the plane at the airport, the Chicago Police boarded the plane and told Patrick to stay sitting and he would be the last one off of the plane.  Immediately, what ran through his head was, what trouble am I in.  When he departed the plane, he knew he wasn’t in any trouble.  He was being welcomed home by the USO and other organizations at the airport.  The Chicago Police escorted Patrick and his family to the cell phone lot where we greeted him with a flagline and about 20 bikes and cages.  He kept repeating that he did not expect this.  After serving 2 tours in Afghanistan, he deserved every bit of the Welcome Home that he received.
We escorted Patrick and his family to their home in Northbrook where a party was being held in his honor.  The Northbrook Fire and Police Departments came out in full force to help with the escort and show their appreciation for Patrick and his family.
At the house, presentations and photos were taken.  There was another round of thank yous and hugs before we left.  Welcome Home Cpl Patrick Lang and thank you for volunteering to protect our freedom.