Ride Report for Ride Captain Navy Chief (George)

After a little rain the sky turned to blue as a small group of Warrior Watch Riders, along with AWH made the short trip from the Tinicum Fire Department to the Airport to help the family of CPL. Smith welcome home this hero.  We were escorted to the airport by the Tinicum Police Department who did an outstanding job, being the end of rush hour.  Our Hero is also a member of the Tinicum Fire Department who also was part of the escort with no fewer than 7 pieces of fire apparatus.  Once we arrived at the airport the Philadelphia Airport Police did a great job in helping us with traffic.  The only issue was that the plane arrived early and CPL. Smith was just coming out side as we all rode up, the look on his face was one of pure shock.  We  did a quick mug and hug outside the terminal and then our hero was loaded into one of the fire engines for the short ride back to the fire house.

Once back at the fire house we had the chance to present CPL. Smith with our Coin and AWH presented him with the honor certificate.  What a humble man CPL. Smith is all he could tell me was about the two best friends he lost over in Afghanistan and how he wanted to make sure that they were never forgotten.  Once we were done with this part of the welcome home we were all invited into the meeting room of the fire house where the Tinicum Board of Commissioners presented him with a place for his dedication and service to this great country.

I want to thank the Tinicum Fire Department, Tinicum Police Department, Delaware County Sheriff’s Department, Philadelphia Airport Police for all that you did to help make this mission possible.  To the family of CPL Smith, thank you for allowing us to be part of the welcome home for this hero.

Respectfully submitted


(Navy Chief)