Ride Report for Ride Captain Stache

On Saturday April 14 2012 we welcomed home E4 Petrit ?P.J.? Hodza from
his deployment in Afghanistan.   PJ joined the Navy back in 2006 and
returned from his 1 year deployment in Bagram, Afghanistan.  Even
while deployed he made donations to the Yellow Ribbon Club to make
sure deployed soldiers continue to get care packages from home !
About 30 bikes and 4 cages showed up to mug and hug this American
hero.  PJ is a friend of Dave from the YRC and Dave made sure that his
short visit to NJ was a memorable one !  This mission was a little
tricky since PJ was driving from Virginia to his home in Connecticut
with a visit with Dave in NJ along the way.  Warrior Watch Riders had
to stay flexible on time changes (as we all know, this is a must for
our missions).  We rolled up to Dave’s house with members of the YRC
following us.  We made ALOT of noise going though the neighborhood.
PJ was shocked when he finally realized that this was for him !  I
presented PJ with the Warrior Watch coin and the paperwork explaining
it’s meaning.  Then the Yellow Ribbon club presented him with his
ribbon welcoming him home ! After a few words from Dave and the
presentation of his new “dog tag”, we all went up to Mug and Hug this
true American Hero !!  Welcome Home PJ !!!!