Ride Report for Ride Captain Sarah M. Ward

A perfect day for playing ball with an outstanding group of Veteran’s.On Wednesday April 12th, 2012 thirty-nine Veteran’s from Clifford Chester Sim’s State Veteran’s Nursing Home pulled into Frank Brown Park ready for Spring Training. The Veteran’s were escorted by Panama City Beach Police and four members of the WWR on flag mounted bikes to a line of flags awaiting their arrival. Like players of a World Series game they took the field and owned it.

We were lucky they allowed us to help considering some could run circles around us. Actually a few left wheelchairs behind to be pushed by their “buddy” while they ran to the base. Really to have so much fun you forget your in a wheelchair; that brothers an sisters means we did our job.

Since it was only Spring Training no one kept score. I’m pretty sure it would have been a tie because these Vets are very competitive.  Our day ended with a cook out provided by the Rotary Club, Soldiers Angels, and the Mayor of Panama City Beach Mrs. Oberst. All said we had 17 bikes, 4 cages, and 24 members. We had a great time and I thank all of you that came out to join us. As always I am proud to ride with you all. Keep doing what you do!

Sarah  M.Ward
Warriors’ Watch Riders
Northwest Florida Chapter