Ride Report for Ride Captain Doug Askren
It was a great honor to welcome home 1st Lt. Neil Fotre after his recent tour of duty to Afghanistan where he planned and led over 100 raids on the enemy.  A nice group of WWR members and other members of like minded groups went by the Fotre home to meet and greet the young officer.  Mom and dad, WWR members said it felt different to be on the recieving end of a WH.  Thanks to all who attended and to the Lisle Fire Dept. for their support with multiple vehicles, men and officers.  Neal was amazed and his parents very pleased.  Thanks most of all to this young officer who has led dangerous missions in Korea and then Afghanistan.  He spoke of his men and especially those he was unable to bring back to their families.  He is a very capable, brave, and courageous officer and our community is very proud of him.  He now heads back to his duties, but we let him know how we felt about him on this special day.
Doug Askren