Ride Report for Ride Captain Lee Weinstein
How would we spend our sunny Saturday afternoon? This was an easy question to answer for dozens of Warriors Watch Riders,including our founder Wayne, some ECPA members who are becomming regulars at SEPA missions ( shows you their dedication), some members aquaintences, and members of A Heros Welcome. We would gather to welcome home an Army Sgt name Anthony Cabassa, thats how……..Being the RC of this mission, I thought I’d do well to get to the Rally point first by arriving 25 minutes prior to the schedualed Rally time. Ha…..upon my early arrival, there were already a couple of dozen bikes lined up. That shows you the spirit of these riders……they just couldnt wait to get there to show their support for our Hero and also to enjoy the socializing that comes with these welcome /escort events.
We had an amazing number of bikes lined up to parade over to our heros house. Being the first up the driveway, I saw a look of total shock on our Heros face upon viewing the seemingly endless line of gleaming paint, chrome and walking leather which lined the street way up and around the bend. The Sgts step father and Mom were present along with numerous family members, including the Sgts Father who was a guest rider with us and Im sure that helped make it even more special for them both. We did the usual mug n hug with some photos and we then headed off to escort our hero and his family to their welcome home party . It was a scenic ride , which had something unusual at the start…..we had to cross Rt 30 , a busy 4 lane highway and there was an Amish Buggy in front of us waiting / trying to find a break in the traffic, so they too could cross. Our roadguards got out in front of the buggy and stopped traffic allowing first the buggy and then the rest of the bikes safely across. This was a first for us and I’d bet a first for the Amish as well. The motocade traveled smoothly along for about 10 miles down Rt 30 and when we turned off the main highway to head to the Wagontown Firehouse,we were greeted by local  police and led by our own Doc kromer and crew with an Ambulance and Firetruck with horns and sirens blaring to let everyone know someone special was comming thru. We arrived at the Firehouse a short time later where we were greeted by a spectacular line of younger people holding large white poles with our Beautiful American Flag on each pole. Wagontown members and family members had signs, flags etc and it was really a touching site. We all gatherd around and made presentations of coins to both our hero Anthony and his Veteran Wife Stephanie, and I suggested Marias daughter Colleen present Kats youth certificates to Ant and Stephs son Caden and Ants younger brother and sister Abbey and Ryan, and of course Maria presented A heros Welcome certificates to both Ant and Steph. We lined up once more for a group photo shoot and then it was a quick farewell, as many of us had to head off to yet another deserving soldiers welcome home. Thanks to everyone in front of and behind the scenes who collectively made this a successful event for our Hero and his family.

Respectively Submitted, Lee Weinstein RC