Ride Report for Ride Captain Spike

Over the last couple years we have participated in bringing members from
the 45th Aerial Port Squadron,stationed at Travis AFB. And several members
of this Unit are WWR members. So, Andy and Sean both got together with their
leadership at the unit.They put together a Letter Of Appreciation for the WWR.
They also planned it on the same day that Sean was to re-enlist. We set up the
mission and staged at local Gas Station near the front gate to Travis. Andy was
on duty as well, he came out to meet us. Since Travis AFB was on High Alert,
we had to go early just to get passes to get on base. Once that was done ,we rolled
over to the Unit spaces. We parked and ALL went inside. We watched as Sean was
sworn in Again. Then Both Sean & Andy prented us with a Letter Of Appreciation.
Many members of the Unit that were there ,also were the ones we picked up from
the airport. I asked Sean to make at least 50+ copies of the Letter , so I could give
it to all the members one.

Heidi’s PaPa & MaMa J’s Man
Northern California State Coordinator Warriors’ Watch Riders