Ride Report for Ride Captain JohnDelivers

About twenty patriotic bikers arrived at the rally point anxious to meet, and then escort, the teams to the DonnyBrook Cup, being played at Widener University.  As we pulled up out front of the team hotel, both teams were loading the team vans.  After a photo op we then made our way to Harrah’s Chester Casino (a BIG sponsor), and then on to Quick Stadium at Widener University.  The escort went smoothly and we delivered the teams safely.

We parked our rides inside the stadium, and hung loose waiting for the introduction of the teams.  When that happened we made a flag line at each end of the stadium for the teams to walk past and then we moved into position behind the teams as Blackthorn performed both countries National Anthems.

Then we got to watch on organized game of “kill the man with the ball”.  I grew up playing American football and IMHO there is no comparison to the game of rugby.  Football without pads……AWESOME!  Every time the USA scored the ROTC Cadets of Widener blasted the cannon and then did pushups equal to the USA score total.  I know these cadets are in decent shape, but even their arms and chest must have gotten tired by the end of this game.  USA Tomahawks 40, Ireland Wolfhounds 20.

During the game, we learned the American flag flying high in the corner of the stadium is the personal flag of the equipment manager at Widener.  It flew over Viet Nam and he brought it home during the Vietnam conflict.  We gathered our group together, and had an impromptu Welcome Home for him.  When presented with a magic coin and the words “we might be forty five or fifty years late, but we want to say Welcome Home”, his emotions got the best of him, and us.  Thank God for dark glasses.

Thank you, my WWR brothers and sisters for coming out today.  We’re now the unofficial good luck charm of the USA Tomahawks Rugby Team.  They’re two wins and no losses when escorted by the WWR.  Just sayin’.

Respectfully submitted